Building Semantic Web and Linked Data Applications

A set of strategies for building Semantic Web / Linked Data applications based on criteria such as the application domain and relevant tools plus supporting information such as App Stores where the applications can be sold.

The site is loosely arranged into layers, each layer building on the one beneath it.

Domains outlines how semantic web technologies can be applied to a particular business domain and can be referenced in support of developing business cases for using the semantic web.

Applications contains examples of semantic web applications and of the semantic web being applied in practice.

Development includes tools and processes that can be used for building semantic web applications, for example applications that can publish and consume Linked Data. There is some cross-over between applications listed in the Applications layer and their use as tools for the building of other applications.

Linked Data is instance data, datasets based on the concepts defined in ontologies and published according to Linked Data Design Principles.

Ontologies define domain specific concepts using the standards rdf, rdfs and owl.

The bottom layer, Standards, consists of the W3C Specifications upon which the Semantic Web and Linked Data applications are built.