Bug Ontology Model (BOM)

The Bug Ontology Model has merged with the Baetle (Bug And Enhancement Tracking LanguagE) project to describes the information kept in BugDatabases such as Bugzilla, Jira and others do.

The latest version is http://baetle.googlecode.com/svn/evoont/trunk/bom/bom.owl which is described as EvoOnt - A Software Evolution Ontology BOM : Bug Ontology Model.

The Baetle home page is http://code.google.com/p/baetle/ and the original concepts were outlined in Baetle: Bug And Enhancement Tracking LanguagE.

See Fetchbugs4.Me



PREFIX bom: <http://www.ifi.uzh.ch/ddis/evoont/2008/11/bom#>