A Converter to RDF is a tool which converts application data from an application-specific format into RDF for use with RDF tools and integration with other data.

Converter to RDF Formats provides a list of converters in alphabetical order by Format.

The Simile RDFizer project provides tools for converting various data formats into RDF. For example the Java RDFizer scans java bytecode and generates an RDF description of its internal structure, along with information on classes, packages, archives and dependencies between them.

Virtuoso RDFIzer Mapper Scripts

The 30+ xslt stylesheets used by the Virtuoso Sponger Cartridges http://virtuoso.openlinksw.com/dataspace/dav/wiki/Main/ClickableVirtSpon... are available for community development and enhancement via a github: http://github.com/openlink/Virtuoso-RDFIzer-Mapper-Scripts/tree/master