The Ontologies section provides help with developing new ontologies and also with finding and reusing existing ontologies.

Schemapedia is a good place to find an existing ontology.

Linked Datasets provides links to the growing number of Linked Data datasets that can be incorporated as part of developing a Linked Data application.

The Data Hub's list of LOD Linked Datasets is a good place to find Linked Data datasets.

Developing Semantic Web and Linked Data applications has some specific challenges, for example:

  • the amount of RDF data available is huge
  • the RDF data is distributed across the web
  • the RDF data is heterogeneous with respect to the ontologies used

At the same time, as outlined in the article One of Semantic Web’s Core Added Value, the Semantic Web group of technologies can bring additional benefits such as added productivity and flexibility.

API Design

Reuse names from the list of IANA-registered link relations where possible.