GATE (General Architecture for Text Engineering)

GATE (General Architecture for Text Engineering) is an open-source semantic annotation framework and a set of multi-lingual components, including named entity recognition, information extraction, ontologies, semantic annotation, and evaluation.

GATE has been used successfully in linked open data applications. It facilitates extracting knowledge from unstructured content and web data and turning this automatically into RDF/OWL-based metadata, which can also be inter-linked to the Linked Data ontologies and datasets.

Gate Development

Gate Plugins

Gate Applications

    Applications using GATE include:
  • Open Sahara, an open source framework using GATE for text mining.

Gate Glossary

  • Coreference: Occurs when multiple expressions in a sentence or document have the same referent.
  • JAPE: Java Annotation Patterns Engine
  • NNP: Noun Singular
  • NNPS: Noun Plural
  • POS: Part of Speech

Gate LarKc Workflows and Plugins