The Basic RDF Geo Vocabulary: Point/lat/long/alt is a minimalistic RDF vocabulary describing Points with latitude, longitude, and altitude properties using the WGS84 geodetic reference datum.

The URI for the Geo RDFS/OWL vocabulary is

Geo Sparql Examples

Goodrelations Geo Examples

GeoSparql and GeoSpatialWeb

GeoSparql demonstrates the GeoSpatialWeb code, providing "Geospatial Reasoning for the Semantic Web", using Geo and GeoNames and ArqNearby (an extension function for ARQ). GeoSparql provides example SPARQL queries that include Geo.


GeoARQ is similar to GeoSpatialWeb, but using Lucene spatial capabilities.

    Functions implemented or planned include:
  1. ?s geoarq:nearby ( 51.3000 -2.71000 )
  2. ?s geoarq:nearby ( 51.3000 -2.71000 10 )
  3. ( ?s ?d ) geoarq:nearby ( 51.3000 -2.71000 )
  4. ( ?s ?d ) geoarq:nearby ( 51.3000 -2.71000 10 )
  5. ?s geoarq:within ( lat1, long1, lat2, long2 )
  1. search near a point, latitude and longitude are in WGS 84, results (a default number of results is returned) are sorted by some "unspecified" score.
  2. search near a point, within 10 miles (or km?), perhaps km is better, results are sorted by some unspecified score.
  3. search near a point, results are sorted by distance (?d) (sorting by distance is expensive with Lucene spatial).
  4. search near a point, < 10 miles (or km?), results are sorted by distance (?d).
  5. search things in a bounded box, results are sorted by some unspecified score (this is a simple range query... fast).