GoodRelations Business Value

SEO Business Value

The business value of GoodRelations and RDFa for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has now been reported on a number of times, beginning with the email account by Martin Hepp 10 December 2009 which covered the section on Best Buy included below.

Since then further articles confirming the business value of GoodRelations and RDFa for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) have been published and number of these are included below. Both Yahoo and Google are now officially recommending the use of GoodRelations in RDFa in order to provide rich site data for their index.


Case Studies

Case Studies demonstrating the business value of GoodRelations and RDFa for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are included below.

Best Buy

At the Search Engine Strategies 2009 conference in Chicago, Jay Myers, Lead Web Development Engineer for Best Buy, reported the positive effects of adding GoodRelations and RDFa to their products pages:

*1. GoodRelations + RDFa improved the rank of the respective pages in Google tremendously. *

In fact, if you try the query "BestBuy Ferris Bueller" on Google, then the page

comes on rank # 1 ahead of the much more established page

This indicates a strong effect of GoodRelations + RDFa on Google's appreciation of a page. It is particularly surprising since the age of a
domain has now a huge influence on ranking in Google (older ones get a much higher ranking), and the semantically augmented one is only something like eight weeks old.

The BestBuy RDFa can be seen with the Sindice inspector.

and with the RDFa Distiller and Parser

*2. Jay also reported a 30 % percent (!) increase in traffic *on the BestBuy stores pages, e.g.

since they have been augmented by GoodRelations + RDFa rich mark-up.


*3. Yahoo observes a 15% increase in the Click-through-Rate (CTR). *

Nick Cox from Yahoo also recently reported that augmented search results, e.g. those with GoodRelations / RDFa in Yahoo get a *15 % higher Click-through-Rate (CTR).

So in short: *While better visibility in traditional search engines is of course not the main intended effect by adding GoodRelations & RDFa rich mark-up, the findings are so substantial that any SEO / SEM consultant should apply it - now!

Patterns for simple copy-and-paste are here:

A full cookbook of mark-up recipes is being maintained at

All developer resources are at

As of (July 9, 2009) Yahoo will display price and offering details and other meta-data of any e-commerce Web page if the site owner uses the free GoodRelations vocabulary.

The following example shows Martin Hepp's Yahoo SearchMonkey Mock-up Page which contains GoodRelations and RDFa meta-data, displayed in a Yahoo Search Result.

Now, every site owner can add meta-data to enhance the search results of his offers in Yahoo.

Just go to and click on the tab "RDFa - GoodRelation".

The tool generates mark-up patterns for you to insert into your page.


GoodRelations in Google Rich Snippets