GoodRelations Examples

Wants and Needs Example

Modeling Wish Lists, Demand, or Tendering Data: Describing your interest in certain offers using GoodRelations

Martin Hepps original example of representing the "I want" scenario:
"Basically, it is simple to model wants and needs in GoodRelations. You just use a gr:Offering with the gr:BusinessFunction gr:Sell - this goes with the batteries supplied in the current version of GoodRelations (even though I never thought of this application before).

Example: I am interested in buying one TV set with a screen size of at least 30 centimeters, and i am not interested in offers more expensive than 200 euros:

foo refers to the namespace of the example
pcs refers to the namespace of a fictuous ontology for product types and
features (e.g. eclassOWL or others)

a gr:BusinessEntity;
gr:offers foo:myWant1.

a gr:Offering ;
gr:hasBusinessFunction gr:Buy;
gr:hasPriceSpecification foo:UnitPriceSpecification_1 ;
gr:includesObject foo:TypeAndQuantityNode_1 .

a pcs:TVSet , gr:ProductOrServiceSomeInstancesPlaceholder;
pcs:hasScreenSize foo:QuantitativeValueFloat_1.

a gr:QuantitativeValueFloat ;
gr:hasUnitOfMeasurement "CMT"^^xsd:string ;
gr:hasMinValueFloat "30.0"^^xsd:float .

a gr:TypeAndQuantityNode ;
gr:amountOfThisGood "1.0"^^xsd:float ;
gr:hasUnitOfMeasurement "C62"@en ;
gr:typeOfGood foo:myDreamTVSet .

a gr:UnitPriceSpecification ;
gr:hasCurrency "EUR"^^xsd:string ;
gr:hasMaxCurrencyValue "200.0"^^xsd:float ;
gr:hasUnitOfMeasurement "C62"^^xsd:string .

In order to make this a bit more beautiful and powerful, I could introduce a new objectproperty "seeks" that is used instead of "offers" to link between a business entity and an offering.

That would be a minimal change to the vocabulary but would allow to reverse all BusinessFunctions (e.g. seeks maintance, seeks disposal, etc."