Structured Data

Getting started with structured data provides an overview of how Googles structured data works. It includes the ability to embed JSON-LD and microdata in Gmail.

The presentation Google Structured Search Engine demonstrates extracting structure data from web pages using Freebase.


Google Maps

The Google Maps API Family includes the ability to add Google Maps to a web site and Google Places API which can retrieve information about businesses, parks, landmarks and other locations. The supported types for Place Searches and Place adds are listed in the Google Places API: Supported Place Types and shown in the example Search Responses.

The Google Distance Matrix API provides travel distance and time for a matrix of origins and destinations and is discussed in Calculate Distances Intelligently With The Google Distance Matrix API.

Google Maps Coordinate API

The Google Coordinate API enables mobile work teams to see everyone’s location on a map, pinpoint and assign jobs, and notify and update each other constantly.

Google Geocoding API

Google SPDY


Google+ Pages provide another avenue for businesses to present themselves. Articles describing how to use Google+ Pages include:

Below are some example Google+ Pages:

Google App Engine

The Google App Engine provides a low cost platform for both Python and Java based Semantic Web applications.