Tools and Templates

HTML5 tools and templates.

Browser Support

The following sites show the level of browser support for HTML5 features.

HTML 5 Books

HTML 5 Mobile Development

HTML 5 Persistence

HTML 5 Canvas

HTML 5 UML Diagrams

Web based UML Diagrams created using HTML5 Canvas

  • UmlCanvas utilizes the HTML5 Canvas to generate UML diagrams. Two interfaces are provided: an OO Javascript API and a textual DSL
  • Simple Sequence is a free simple online sequence diagram drawer.
  • jsUML2 - A lightweight HTML5/javascript library for UML 2 diagramming.

HTML 5 Slide Presentations

HTML 5 Drag and Drop


HTML 5 Parsers

HTML 5 Web Sockets

HTML 5 Template Engines

HTML 5 Form Validation

HTML 5 Semantic Web Applications

  • Visor (currently in alpha) is a HTML5 Linked Data browser which enables end-user exploration and data querying. It is configurable for any SPARQL endpoint.

HTML 5 Visualizations

HTML 5 Games

HTML 5 Geolocation