JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format.

JSON RDF serialisations are defined in the RDF JSON Specification and also in JSON-LD - Expressing Linked Data in JSON.

Serializing SPARQL Query Results in JSON defines serializing SPARQL SELECT and ASK query results using JSON MIME Type "application/sparql-results+json".

The RDF to JSON converter takes the URI of an RDF resource and converts the RDF into JSON, providing three different JSON formats to choose from.

JSON Schema

JSON Schema is a proposed Internet draft defining a JSON media type (application/schema+json) that allows JSON data to be validated against the schema.

JSON Editors

JSON Online Formatters

JSON Examples

The example below (from the Wikipedia JSON reference) describes a Person using JSON.

    "firstName": "John",
    "lastName": "Smith",
    "age": 25,
    "address": {
        "streetAddress": "21 2nd Street",
        "city": "New York",
        "state": "NY",
        "postalCode": "10021"
    "phoneNumber": [
            "type": "home",
            "number": "212 555-1234"
            "type": "fax",
            "number": "646 555-4567"

The node.js library node-schema-org provides the schemas from schema.org in json format.

10 Example JSON Files provides JSON examples for some common scenarios such as Google Maps, Flickr, Facebook and YouTube.

JSON References