Linked Data Integration Framework (LDIF)

The Linked Data Integration Framework (LDIF) translates heterogeneous Linked Data into a clean, local target representation while keeping track of data provenance. It uses the Silk Link Discovery Framework for Identity resolution and the R2R Mapping Framework for data translation, simplifying applications where:

  • data sources use a wide range of different RDF vocabularies to represent data about the same type of entity.
  • the same real-world entity, for instance a person or a place, is identified with different URIs within different data sources.

The usage of various vocabularies as well as the usage of URI aliases makes it cumbersome for an application developer to write for instance SPARQL queries against Web data that originates from multiple sources.

A successful approach to ease using Web data in the application context is to translate heterogeneous data into a single local target vocabulary and to replace URI aliases with a single target URI on the client side before starting to ask SPARQL queries against the data.