Linked Data Business Value

Enterprises, Struggling to Manage Your Data? Try The Semantic Web provides a summary of the Spring 2009 PricewaterhouseCoopers Technology report explaining how the Semantic Web and Linked Data can help enterprises manage their large-scale data better.

Linked Data mashups (or “meshups” ) are simply statements linking items in related data sets. Crucially these items are identified by URIs starting “http://”, each of which may have been minted in the domain of the data publisher, meaning that whenever anyone looks up one of these URIs they may be channeled back to the original data source. It is this feature that creates the business value in Linked Data compared to conventional Web APIs. Rather than releasing data into the cloud untethered and untraceable, Linked Data allows organisations and individuals to expose their data assets in a way that is easily consumed by others, whilst retaining indicators of provenance and a means to capitalise on or otherwise benefit from their commitment to openness. Minting URIs to identify the entities in your data, and linking these to related items in other data sets presents an opportunity to channel traffic back to conventional Web sites when someone looks up those URIs. It is this process that presents opportunities to generate business value through Linked Data principles. (from Where is the business value in Linked Data?)