Memento (Adding Time to the Web)

Memento (Adding Time to the Web) provides web access to historical versions of documents. The goal of Memento is to make it as straightforward to access the Web of the past as it is to access the current Web. If you know the URI of Web resource, the technical framework proposed by Memento allows you to see a version of that resource as it existed at some date in the past, by entering that URI in your browser like you always do and by specifying the desired date in a browser plug-in. Or you can actually browse the Web of the past by selecting a date and clicking away. Whatever you land upon will be versions of Web resources as they were around the selected date. Obviously, this will only work if previous versions are available somewhere on the Web. But if they are, and if they are on servers that support the Memento framework, you will get to them.

Overview of the framework:

A suggested demonstration is described at
The LDoW 2010 paper (available at describes the concepts and the demonstrator.

The Memento Firefox plug-in allows setting a date to browse the Web with. The plug-in and a suggested demonstration is available via

There is a Memento plug-in available for the MediaWiki platform See

Some major Web Archives have started working towards Memento support. See

There is a Memento list at