The OWL API http://owlapi.sourceforge.net/ is a Java interface and implementation for the W3C Web Ontology Language OWL. The latest version of the API is focused towards OWL 2 which encompasses, OWL-Lite, OWL-DL and some elements of OWL-Full.

The OWL API is open source and is available under the LGPL License

The OWL API includes the following components:

* An API for OWL 2 and an efficient in-memory reference implementation
* RDF/XML parser and writer
* OWL/XML parser and writer
* OWL Functional Syntax parser and writer
* Turtle parser and writer
* KRSS parser
* OBO Flat file format parser
* Support for integration with reasoners such as Pellet and FaCT++
* Support for black-box debugging