RDFa Extraction

RDFa Extraction - extracting RDF from the RDFa embedded in XHTML is achieved using parsers such as one of the RDFa Parsers listed below or described elsewhere, e.g. in the RDFa Implementation Report.

RDFa Parsers

The following extraction examples use Richards RDFa page or A Simple HTML5 RDFa Example.

Extraction using pyRdfa

Extraction using Triplr

Triplr (http://triplr.org/ ) can extract RDFa, e.g. http://triplr.org/rdf/www.3kbo.com/people/richard.hancock/rdfa.html extracts RDF as RDF/XML from http://www.3kbo.com/people/richard.hancock/rdfa.html, e.g. Triplr extract of Richards RDFa page

Extraction using URIBurner

Using URIBurner to extract

Richards RDFa page, RDFa extracted to RDF http://linkeddata.uriburner.com/about/rdf/http://www.3kbo.com/people/ric...

Extraction using ARC

Extracting RDF from HTML using ARC and PHP http://arc.semsol.org/docs/v2/extractors

Extraction using Perl

Generationg N3 from a DBpedia HTML page using the pure-Perl RDFa parser:

Extraction using SWAP-Scala

Extraction using Java RDFa