Sesame is an open source Java framework for storage and querying of RDF data. It provides a RDF Triple Store as a Java web application (war files) which can be quickly deployed to the Tomcat application server. The RDF Triple Store provides a SPARQL Query Endpoint and the web application provides a web console for management and querying.

Open source projects using Sesame include Alibaba, Callimachus, Empire, GATE, Interactive Knowledge Stack Project (IKS), Java RDFa, JFresnel, Lena (a Fresnel LEns based RDF/Linked Data NAvigator with SPARQL selector support), Longwell, Marbles, OpenSahara and Semweb4j. SesameTools provides a number of useful tools for Sesame.


SPARQL 1.1 support is available with Sesame 2.4 and Sesame 2.5

Linked Data Servers


RDFa parser for Sesame

OWL Reasoning

The OWLIM reasoner is integrated with Sesame.


To build Sesame with Maven add the following repository and dependency definitions to the Maven pom.xml

        <name>Aduna Software</name>



When running the openrdf-sesame and openrdf-workbench applications from within Eclipse using Tomcat add the VM argument "-Dinfo.aduna.platform.appdata.basedir=D:\code\data\sesame" to the "Tomcat v7.0 Server at localhost" run time configuration to specify the sesame data directory.