SMOB is a Semantic MicroBlogging framework that enables an open, distributed, semantic microblogging.

Alexandre Passant describes the latest features of SMOB in:

SMOB relies on distributed hubs that communicate with each other to exchange microblog posts and subscriptions (i.e. following / followers). Anyone can install his own hub and start following other users, while SMOBalso allows cross-posting on other platforms such as Twitter.

SMOB is based on the following Semantic Web and Linked Data technologies:

* uses different ontologies to represent the structure of microblog posts and information about users in RDF (SIOC, FOAF, OPO);
* allow interlinking of microblog posts with the Linking Open Data cloud, thanks to MOAT and CommonTag;
* provides open and machine-readable information about the aforementioned structure and interlinkage using RDFa;
* store RDF data of each hub in a local triple-store thanks to ARC2;
* uses SPARQL to build the user front-end and to offer a public SPARQL endpoint for each hub;
* uses the currently-standardized SPARQL Update (and its protocol) for remote synchronization of posts and users between hubs;
* notifies Sindice for each new post to enable discovering and querying microblog posts across the (Semantic) Web.