SPARQL Reference


  "PREFIX foaf: <> " +
                         "SELECT ?name ?title " +
                         "WHERE {" +
                         "?Person foaf:name ?name." +
                         "OPTIONAL{?Person foaf:title ?title.}" +
                          "      }";


   { :IndividualOne rdfs:label ?x } UNION { :IndividualTwo rdfs:label ?x }
} - a collection of SPARQL queries (3 part series from basic to advanced with extensions) - short cut to some of the advanced and extension queries showcased at the 2008 Billion Triples Challenge.

Endpoint: (over 4.5 Billion Triples at your disposal and counting).
Note, whenever you get an incomplete result set by way of error (e.g. some of the Billion Triples queries, simply re-query as this is the Anytime Query Feature in action).

"HCLS/HCLSIG Demo QueryScratch"

SPARQL Query on Parsed RDFa

The following query can be run using the Sparql End Point

PREFIX dc: <>
SELECT ?creator_of_post
?post dc:title ?post_title ;
dc:creator ?creator_of_post .
FILTER regex(?post_title, "The trouble with Bob", "i")