URIBurner delivers RDF based structured descriptions of Web addressable resources (documents or real world objects) in a variety of formats, e.g:

  • http://uriburner.com/fct -- start with text search patterns, or patterns scoped to URI labels, or the raw URI
  • http://uriburner.com/sparql -- normal SPARQL endpoint, but note, HTML+RDFa option for DESCRIBE and CONSTRUCT queries .
  • http://uriburner.com/isparql -- QBE style query tool. The "results tab" has a Query URI, this is all you need re query sharing via URIs, others can just tweak the Query Params of the URI if they seek to see something different via some other data representation / presentation combo .

To dereference the description of a Web-addressable resource via your browser type in one of the following URL patterns: