The latest vCard Ontology for describing People and Organisations now includes a JSON-LD example.

An Ontology for vCards ( ) is hosted at W3C and maintained by Harry Halpin and Norm Walsh.

Representing vCard Objects in RDF (W3C Member Submission 20 January 2010) has the following additional comments Team Comment on "Representing vCard Objects in RDF" Submission

hCard Microformat and VCard:

See also - Portable Contacts ( )

See also - Nepomuk, these are the ontologies in use at and partly at

The contact ontology:

There is open source tool support, such as a vcard->nco converter and a
Microsoft Outlook crawler:

NOKIA uses part of this ontology for the maemo platform.

Interlinking person, one dataset is described with FOAF, the other with VCard.

?x foaf:name ?name.
?y vc:n [
vc:family-name ?fn;
vc:given-name ?gn.

Linkage might be something like:
if compare(?name, concat(?gn," ",?fn)) > threshold then output("?x owl:sameAs ?y")

I.e. foaf:name <-> concat(vc:given-name," ",vc:family-name)