The Vocabulary of Interlinked Datasets (voiD) is a vocabulary and a set of instructions that enables the discovery and usage of linked datasets. A linked dataset is a collection of data, published and maintained by a single provider, available as RDF on the Web, where at least some of the resources in the dataset are identified by dereferencable URIs.

Both the voiD Guide - Using the Vocabulary of Interlinked Datasets and the Semanticweb Wiki VoiD entry provide more details, including overviews and listing sites which have published voiD description of their datasets.

void-impl gathers feature requests, extensions, and issues regarding the voiD vocabulary and implementations.

Void Tools

  • The voiD store gathers voiD documents and stores them in a repository, making it easy for clients and applications to query these descriptions in order to identify which datasets may be of relevance for a particular need or request.
  • The voiD editor (ve2) provides an online form for describing a dataset, generating a voiD file in RDF Turtle format.
  • The voiD Browser

Void Examples