WordPress is a web application widely used for creating websites and blogs. RDF and RDFa support is provided by the following WordPress plugins.


RDFaCE-Lite is a lite version of RDFaCE which in turn is based on TinyMCE. It enables users to annotate blog posts with RDFa and Microdata. (See RDFaCE-Lite: a WordPress plugin for WYSIWYM content authoring for more details.


The wp-RDFa plugin provides RDFa support for WordPress and currently supports FOAF and the Dublin Core.

FOAF (Friend of a Friend) is used to relate your personal information to your blog and can also be used to relate other users of your blog to you to build up a semantic map of your relationships in the online world. The Dublin Core is used to markup posts with the title, creator and date elements.

WP e-Commerce

The WP e-Commerce store and shopping cart plugin adds support for selling products, services, and or fees online. The GoodRelations for WP e-Commerce plugin enriches WP e-Commerce Store with GoodRelations RDFa data enabling search engines to read products details and improve the page rankings in search engine results. This complements other Search Engine Optimization techniques.

GoodRelations is already in use by companies like Google, BestBuy, Overstock.com, Yahoo, OpenLink Software, O'Reilly Media, the RDF Book Mashup and many others.

It's recommended that to increase visibility on the Web a plugin for creating a sitemap.xml is installed (e.g. Google XML Sitemaps, Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress or XML Sitemap & Google News Sitemap Feeds ), the product rating feature of WP e-Commerce is enabled and the WordPress permalink feature activated.

PoolParty Thesaurus

The PoolParty Thesaurus enables linked data enrichments of blogs using a SKOS based vocabulary .


LH tools; a sparql endpoint for WordPress.