Yahoo SearchMonkey

Yahoo SearchMonkey

Using SearchMonkey, developers and site owners can use structured data to make Yahoo! Search results more useful and visually appealing, and drive more relevant traffic to their sites.

Structured data shared with Yahoo! Search is displayed as a standard enhanced result (available for certain content types).

Use the SearchMonkey developer tool to extract data and build apps to display custom enhanced results.

SearchMonkey vocabularies

Currently Yahoo SearchMonkey accepts Semantic Web data only if provided as RDFa or via the Yahoo-specific dataRSS feed format.

SearchMonkey and RDFa

"There is a SearchMonkey infobar that displays available metadata in
Yahoo SearchMonkey:

Also, I wrote a very lightweight applicatuon (mainly for learning how to use the Google App Engine) that you can use to check quickly whether there is SearchMonkey meta-data for a given yahoo search result:" Martin Hepp Mon, June 29, 2009

"RDFa - GoodRelation" code generation go to and click on the tab "RDFa - GoodRelation".

Screenshots GoodRelations and Yahoo SearchMonkey

Testing Markp